If you’re here, you’re probably feeling like:

You offer an exceptional service, but your ideal client is not getting that message from your branding and website.

You want a strategic digital identity which works for you, not against you.

You're tired of playing around with colors, fonts and layouts every five minutes, with no direction or clarity.

You want a timeless design which will leave you with more time to focus on the areas where you truly excel.

Your service is like no other, but on first impressions, your dream client is choosing other providers over you.

You want to stand out in a crowded market and let your unique expertise truly shine.

You could say that I’ve been working in branding since sixth grade. Not happy with the standard options, I’d create custom designs for my MySpace backgrounds. When people started asking me to design theirs I knew I had a talent.

I started my journey in branding and web design as Digital Media  Manager for a non-profit organization. While I was there I oversaw a comprehensive rebranding and witnessed from the inside how it revolutionized the church's mission.

It took me a while to realize that I wanted to become an entrepreneur. My job was certainly inspiring in so many ways but something was missing. I knew that I wanted the freedom to work on my own terms, to take on projects that truly lit me up, and have the work-life balance that I'd always dreamed of.

Maybe you can relate?



your  web designer

I still remember that thrilling moment when I realized I could achieve all of this by using my talents

to help
other women

achieve exactly the same thing.

Hale Made Designs 

was born.




We wanted to include the Hawaiian culture in our name because it is infused in so much of our philosophy and what we do. And what better way to describe the personal experience we give each client than 'home made'. 

Your website is your

Just as you would choose an exceptional architect to design your dream home, when choosing a designer you need to know that they have the expertise to create a visually beautiful design, with strong structural foundations, and above all a place that is authentically yours, where you feel in your element.

Welcome home.

Hale Made Designs

business’ online home. 

Hale means home in the Hawaiian language. 

Welcome to

Does it sound like our mission and vision

align with yours? 

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